Redefining Startup Pitching


Our KickStarterRama event ran from March 23rd. - 30th. and we are delighted to say that 2 of the 3 campaigns got funded. (NextPitch and Mystery Present succeeded)

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Our shark tank is filled with angels.
Enter the crowd.

Is there a way for innovative startups to get funded up to $1 million dollars on the spot without onerous terms? That was the question Ralf asked himself one night after watching Shark Tank. His answer: NextPitch a whole new pitching event where the crowd gets to rate and fuel startups they believe in right at the event.

To build a huge internet audience that provides worthy startups with both fuel and potential evangelists.

The Unlikely Story

Propelling an artist from homelessness to prominence.

What's the probability of an artist who has been homeless for more than 5 years to actually have an exhibition of his work right across the street from where he sleeps? Pretty slim but Ralf is determined to try to make it happen anyway. You can check out William's portfolio at The Unlikely Story website.

To change a life for the better by making the unlikely possible.

Mystery Present

A new game designed to enhance the gifting experience.

Innovative ideas come about when one least expects them. That was certainly the case with Mystery Present which Ralf created Christmas 2016 as a way to enhance gifts of cash for his grown kids. The secret sauce was to create a personalized scavenger hunt for the recipient in just minutes. His kids loved it and probably yours will too.

To enhance the gifting experience for families everywhere.