Future Equity (SAFE)

$2M valuation cap | 0% discount
A SAFE gives you the right to future shares in NextPitch. If you invest, you're betting the company will be worth more than $2M in the future.


$ 100 1 Ticket for live NextPitch event
$ 250 2 Preferred Seating Tickets to live NextPitch event
$ 1,000 Personal Tour of CrossCampus and lunch with Ralf
$ 5,000 Small group dinner in Los Angeles with Ralf
$ 10,000 Appearance as local shark on NextPitch event

As its name implies, NextPitch is out to create a whole new kind of pitching event where innovative startups get funded by the crowd at the event. While it is exciting for the startups to potentially meet their funding goals on the spot, they gain more than just money. They gain a small army of potential supporters through what has been dubbed "evangelist capital". Where are we headed with this? Support us and stay tuned at nextpitch.tv.


We want NextPitch events to become a kind of shark tank 2.0 where the audience are the fuelers that decide if a startup gets funded or not. This is only now possible because of the combination of the internet, livecasting and equity crowdfunding. We've already run several events and have reached the stage to "eat our own dog food", as Steve Jobs liked to say, by launching our own campaign.


- Founded by experienced entrepreneur
- Created eCrowdFunder app
- Developed NextPitchLA app
- Launched CanInvest for cannabis startups




NextPitchLA is the first event dedicated to showcase innovative startups all of whom have launched equity crowdfunding campaigns under regulation CF. Why does that matter? Because it means that for the first time in the U.S. the crowd - and not just accredited investors - gets to both rate and fuel each startup right at the event.

We replace boring pitches of the past with exciting videos at an event that will be livecast to an internet audience. Finally a pitching event with results - not in months or even weeks but right at the event. That's why it is called NextPitch.

Attendees will have full access to campaign details through the NextPitchLA web app through which they rate campaigns and can also provide indications of interest (non-binding). All actual investments MUST be made directly through the related campaign listing platform.


Every attendee gets a personal event code to the app which they can access through any major web browser from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Summary page provides all of the key information about the startup such as how much they are raising, what equity they are offering etc.

The Campaign tab is a live link to the campaign on the platform. It provides full information and a link to the campaign video.

Attendees can rate campaigns using our custom designed rating system. You decide what factors you think are most important.

The fun starts when attendees rate the campaigns and make (non-binding) indications of interest to determine the winner of the event.


Our timeline is divided into three sections

1) BACKGROUND - The founder's NextRX experience and fascination with equity crowdfunding that led to NextPitch
2) ACTIVITY - The creation of NextPitch Inc. and it's activity since its foundation
3) ROADMAP MILESTONES - our roadmap for the future development of the company
  NextPitch event at CrossCampus
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NextPitch was created in response to my frustration with the funding process for startups. Endless boring pitches that needed to address the core criteria like how big is the market, who are your competitors, what is your traction etc. That is all perfectly sensible and understandable when investors are expected to commit sizeable sums. But what if investors only need to invest a small amount like $100 to get a piece of the action? Under those circumstances what matters more is the vision of the entrepreneur and the probability that she can convert the vision into reality. This vision should be presented in a powerful and compelling way which is why NextPitch events showcase campaigns only through their video. If a pictures speaks a thousand words then a compelling video should work wonders.

Through the NextPitchLA app the audience gets a complete overview of every campaign with all of the essentials from how much is being raised to what kind of equity is being offered. In short, everything needed to conduct a personal due diligence process to the extent that is even needed for such small investments.

The traditional roadmap to Funding Rounds has gained a new column called
Crowd Capital where the value of the capital is eclipsed by the potential support of the fuelers. That's why it might even be called Evangelist Capital.

Our goal is to build up a very large online audience for NextPitch events as the only event where fuelers from around the world can support entrepreneurs directly in real time. Exciting for the audience, local sharks and entrepreneurs.

Who said you can't have a pitching event with results on the spot. Welcome to what some have dubbed Shark Tank 2.0. We hope you like the vision and can count on your support.