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IMBY empowers communities to create their own digital newspaper!

Farm To Flame Energy

Clean Electricity at Half the Cost of Diesel Tackles $4.4T Power Market

Hanahana Beauty

Redefine the Shea Butter + Body Care Industry

My Panda

The Personal Assistant Next Door App: Achieve Liberation Through Delegation


Smart tech products to empower breastfeeding moms / female & minority founders


Ulta Beauty's Newest Haircare Brand with $32M+ in Lifetime Sales!

Rock N Roll Donut Bar

Rock N Roll Donut Bar is seeking investment to continue expansion.

Dining For Charities

The Community-Based Ecosystem Where People Save Money & Local Businesses and Nonprofits Prosper!


Transforming Supply Chain

Boaz Bikes

Sustainable Mobility: Shared Scooters & Shuttles with a Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Been There

A knowledge-sharing platform for those who've Been There- 1 Billion users already in the network

Bud Love

Leading the CANNABIS MIXER revolution!


Momento AI is an AI cloning platform that enables users to create & monetize AI clones.


Incredible meat + seafood alternatives made from ocean-farmed kelp.


Hollywood in your Pocket


Biodegradable Trash Bags, inside America's First Trash Bag Dispensing System