Redefining Startup Pitching

Your Chance To Become a CannaShark

NextPitch is proud to introduceCanInvest - the first event ever dedicated to exclusively showcasing cannabis related startups all of whom have launched equity crowdfunding campaigns under regulation CF. Why does that matter? Because it means that for the first time in the U.S. the crowd - and not just accredited investors - get to both rate and fuel each startup right at the event.

We replace boring pitches of the past with exciting videos. Finally a pitching event with results - not in months or even weeks but right at the event. That's because NextPitch's audience

Every attendee gets a personal access code to the app which can be accessed through any major web browser from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Summary page provides all of the key information about the startup such as how much they are raising, what equity they are offering etc.

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The Campaign tab is a live link to the campaign on the platform. It provides full information and a link to the campaign video.

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Attendees can rate campaigns using our custom designed rating system. You decide what factors you think are most important.

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The fun starts when attendees make (non-binding) indications of interest which are combined to determine the winner of the event.

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