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ReelwUrld Campaign Video

Step into the magic of cinema with "ReelwUrld," a groundbreaking campaign led by visionary CEO and Founder Jan Lucanus. Immerse yourself in the allure of Hollywood with their revolutionary product, designed to bring the cinematic experience directly to your fingertips. The campaign video tantalizes viewers with glimpses of the cinematic journey awaiting them, promising an unparalleled fusion of entertainment and innovation. With Jan Lucanus at the helm, ReelwUrld aims to redefine the way audiences engage with film, offering a portable gateway to the world of movies. Prepare to carry the enchantment of Hollywood wherever you go, as ReelwUrld invites you to experience "Hollywood in your pocket" like never before.

Interview with ReelwUrld's founder Jan Lucanus

The more in-depth interview between the founder of ReelwUrld, Jan Lucanus and’s founder Ralf Mandt.

Dive deep into the innovative campaign, aptly named ReelwUrld, which promises to bring Hollywood to your fingertips. Explore the journey of product development and distribution, alongside the challenges faced and the triumphs achieved. Delve into the invaluable traction and feedback garnered from customers, shaping the future plans and ambitious goals of the company. With ReelwUrld, experience the magic of cinema wherever you go, encapsulating the essence of 'Hollywood in your pocket'