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Fast Bags Corp Campaign Video

Introducing "Fast Bags Corp", a pioneering campaign spearheaded by CEO and Founder Jack Licata, aimed at revolutionizing waste management with their innovative product, BagsUp. The heart of their mission lies in providing eco-conscious solutions, as showcased in their campaign video. With a commitment to sustainability, BagsUp presents biodegradable trash bags, seamlessly integrated into America's First Trash Bag Dispensing System. Join the movement towards a greener future with Fast Bags Corp, where convenience meets environmental responsibility.

Interview with Fast Bags Corp's founder Jack Licata.

A more in-depth interview between the founder of Fast Bags Corp, Jack Licata and's founder Ralf Mandt.

In this exclusive interview video, delve into the world of Fast Bags Corp, the brains behind BagsUp, America's pioneering Trash Bag Dispensing System. Led by CEO and Founder Jack Licata, the company spearheads innovation with its eco-friendly Biodegradable Trash Bags. Uncover the journey of product development and distribution, exploring both the triumphs and trials faced along the way. Gain insight into the company's reception among customers, showcasing traction and invaluable feedback guiding their path forward. As the interview unfolds, catch a glimpse of Fast Bags Corp's ambitious future plans and overarching goals, promising a sustainable future one bag at a time.