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Lilu Campaign Video

Lilu's campaign video showcases innovative solutions designed to support and simplify the breastfeeding journey for moms everywhere. As a female and minority-founded company, Lilu prioritizes inclusivity and community in its approach. Experience the next level of care and convenience with Lilu, where advanced technology meets compassionate support for mothers.

Interview with Lilu's founder, Sujay Suresh

Discover the empowering journey of Lilu through an in-depth interview video with CEO and Founder Sujay Suresh. Learn about the innovative campaign aimed at creating smart tech products that support breastfeeding mothers, with a focus on female and minority founders. Explore the development and distribution process, as well as the feedback and traction from customers that drive Lilu's success. Uncover the company's ambitious future plans and goals, aiming to transform the industry and enhance the lives of countless women.