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Been There Campaign Image

Introducing "Been There," a groundbreaking campaign led by CEO and Founder Jamie Goulding, designed to connect people through shared experiences. The campaign image offers a glimpse into the expansive knowledge-sharing platform, showcasing how Been There brings together individuals who have "been there" to offer valuable insights and advice. With a vast network of 1 billion users already, the platform creates a dynamic community where people can share stories, learn, and grow together. Dive into Been There and discover a world of wisdom from those who have walked in your shoes.

Interview with Been There's Jamie Goulding

Explore the vast network of Been There in an engaging interview video featuring CEO and Founder Jamie Goulding. The knowledge-sharing platform connects a massive community of over 1 billion users who have invaluable experiences to share. Learn about the product development and distribution process, as well as the traction and feedback received from users, which fuels the platform's growth. Uncover Been There's ambitious future plans and goals as it aims to enhance its platform and empower even more people through shared knowledge.