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Hanahana Beauty Campaign Video

The Hanahana Beauty campaign video introduces a bold vision to redefine the Shea Butter and body care industry. Abena Acheampong's passion and dedication shine through as she unveils a range of products created with care and purpose. With a commitment to ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable practices, Hanahana Beauty sets a new standard in skincare, promoting not only physical well-being but also social and environmental responsibility. Join the movement and discover a transformative approach to self-care with Hanahana Beauty.

Interview with Hanahana Beauty's founder Abena Acheampong

The more in-depth interview between the founder of Hanahana Beauty, Abeng Acheampong and's founder Ralf Mandt.

Discover the transformative campaign aimed at redefining the Shea
. Butter + Body care Industry. Delve into the intricacies of product development and distribution, navigating both benefits and challenges along the way. Witness the profound impact of customer traction and feedback, shaping the future trajectory and ambitious goals of the company. With Hanahana Beauty, experience a revolution in skincare, where empowerment meets sustainability, encapsulating the essence of innovation and inclusivity.