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CurlMix Campaign Video

In this captivating campaign video, CurlMix showcases its emergence as Ulta Beauty's latest sensation, boasting an impressive $32M+ in lifetime sales. Kimberly Lewis's innovative vision has propelled CurlMix to the forefront of the industry, offering premium products tailored specifically for curly hair. Join the CurlMix movement and unlock the secret to vibrant, nourished curls with this esteemed brand.

Interview with CurlMix's founder Kimberly Lewis

The more in-depth interview between the founder of CurlMix, Kimberly Lewis and's founder Ralf Mandt.

Explore the journey of Ulta Beauty's newest haircare sensation, boasting an impressive $32M+ in lifetime sales. Uncover the intricacies of product development and distribution, navigating through both triumphs and challenges. Witness firsthand the invaluable traction and feedback from customers, fueling CurlMix's ambitious future plans and goals for continued success.